Types Of Denver Florists And How To Look For The Best One

Flowers are the stars of any event and floral arrangements are created by florists to match different budgets and preferences.

Hiring a florist for your wedding doesn’t look so difficult at first glance because there are flower shops everywhere in the city and the internet is also flush with options. You might ask yourself are there any flower shops near me to make it more convenient?  But are all Denver florists able to provide you what you want for your special event?  Certainly not, so you must learn to make a difference between the types of florists out there, as well as to select one that will make your vision come true.

  • Retail florists

These are those people from the street shops across the town. Often small-sized, these shops are great to buy a beautiful bouquet, schedule a delivery or even make a small order. Typically, retail florists are not equipped to provide arrangements for big events, so they are not the ones to rely on for your wedding.

  • Floral Designers

These creative, artistic people are specialized in bouquets, boutonnieres and other flower arrangements for different events. Floral designers are the ones you are looking for to help you make your wedding memorable. They creatively combine different flowers in custom arrangements, according to clients` preferences, being also qualified to provide useful advice.

  • Full-service event designers

Beautifully Arranged!

These people are not just floral designers, but also the ones who can provide candles and other decorations, table numbers and paper goods. They are talented artists who can help you a lot with your design ideas for the wedding.

Things to consider before looking for a florist

  • Determine the place of the flowers in the decoration scheme and start looking for floral designers as soon as possible; they are typically very busy people, with lots of clients especially during high seasons
  • Know your budget. Flower arrangements are expensive and you have to determine how much you can afford to spend on them, otherwise, you may end up paying much more, which is not going to be helpful at all

Start researching Denver florists

Use Google and wedding websites to find trusted and reviewed vendors; figure out if they are local and put them on your list. Alternatively, talk to friends and family members who got married recently and ask for some recommendations.

Evaluate the websites and portfolios of the florists on your list and narrow it down. Contact the florists, discuss your expectations and check for pricing. Compare the information you have got so far and choose the florist that seems to be the best for helping you with the flower arrangements for your wedding. Ask him about his design process, the pickup arrangements, the possibility to rent flower containers until the end of the wedding and get a written proposal. If you are allowed the option to negotiate, use it, for aspects that you are uncomfortable with. Remember to ask if there are any extra fees for delivery, set-up and servicing the wedding and how are they determined.

Sign the contract and make the arrangements to have the flowers delivered on time.

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