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Should You Hire a Designer for a Brand New Light Fixture?

Lighting Design

This is a question that many homeowners tend to ask themselves: “should I just buy a standard light fixture, or should I consider hiring a designer to build me a completely unique one?” Depending on precisely what you need and want, however, the answer to this might be manifold.


Nevertheless, there are a few distinctive pros and cons associated with both buying a standard fixture and ordering your own customized product. Based on these, you could consider whether it’s more worth to you to opt for the first or second option.


The Advantages of Buying Standard Fixtures


Whether you’re looking for a flashy, large fixture or smaller desk lamps that are more practical rather than built for appearances’ sake, you’ll find that many unique designs have already been built. But aside from this fact, it’s important to also make a note of all the other important advantages associated with ordering or buying a readymade, standard light fixture:


  • First of all, a standard light fixture will be more affordable. Since they were already designed and a (somewhat) large batch of those fixtures were already made to be sold a while ago, it’s easy to assume that most standard, readymade light fixtures are a lot cheaper than what a designer would charge you.
  • Another benefit is that you can get it fast. If you’re in a hurry to decorate your home, you might not want to wait too long, and you might want everything to be set in place as soon as possible.
  • Finally, a great advantage of ordering a readily designed light fixture is that, if you have enough money at your disposal, you will also have a huge variety of fixtures to choose from. From products that resemble intricate artistic patterns to fixtures that use a combination of mirrors and transparency to achieve a completely unique appearance, you’ll find there is a lot more on the market than you might have first assumed.


Should You Order Your Own Custom Made Light Fixtures?


The name of the game here is customization. Regardless of what you’re looking for, a skilled designer and a skilled electrician Littleton offers can provide you with precisely what you need, and they might even surpass your normal expectations.


What many sellers don’t tell you is that there are limits on what a standard lighting fixture can do for you. Not only that they might not hold the level of quality and beauty that you’re looking for, but standard light fixtures are also not fully suited for the practical purposes you might need them to fulfill. A certain range, distance or level of illumination might be required that no standard fixture can provide, and your only option then is to hire a designer for a new, custom made light fixture.


Most importantly, custom light fixtures can be designed based on the specifics of the room or area that you have in mind. From making an artistic statement to fulfilling a very important and specific need for precise lighting frequency and intensity, there are many other benefits associated with hiring a designer for a custom fixture.

How To Update Your Kitchen and Bathroom In A Timeless Fashion

kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Denver

Bathroom and kitchen design, like any other field of interior design, is governed by ephemeral trends as well as by timeless design solutions that have been in fashion for a long time and are likely to stay, too. If you are currently browsing design solutions for your kitchen or bathroom and you want to make sure that your space will not lose its attractive looks any time soon, here are some update ideas for you.


Use Shaker Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets will confer your kitchen/bath a simple, elegant and stylish appearance. The cabinet doors feature a clean, streamlined, recessed design, the knobs or handles used on the door are simple as well and the colors that work best on shaker cabinets are also uncomplicated and tasteful, usually off-white, cream or darker shades, such as dark gray or onyx.

If you want to make your kitchen space really airy, you can replace wall-mounted cabinets with open shelves – if the rest of the kitchen is light colored, you can play with the color of the shelves as well as with the colors of the accessories.

Ideas for the Backsplash and the Tiles

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets Denver designers will give you ample choice when it comes to the most suitable backsplash and tiles – you can either go bold and choose a statement design or you can stick with the toned-down, elegant line. You can use metal tiles for a striking, but stylish appearance, marble tiles for a simple appearance, antique tiles for a Mediterranean touch or classy subway tiles – the result with each of these choices will be timeless and durable elegance.

Sink Styles

The kitchen sink is an element that no kitchen can go without, a component that needs to fit in with the overall style of the kitchen and to provide functionality as well. Stainless steel sinks look great, they are easy to clean and they offer excellent durability. If you have enough space, you can use a double-bowl sink for more comfort.

Sleek and contemporary are not the only sink styles that will not go out of fashion any time soon – farmhouse sinks are also great. In the past, they were available only in plain white, but today they come in many different hues and materials.

Countertop Materials

Marble and granite are two of the most durable and most elegant materials used for making kitchen/bath countertops – as no two slabs of natural stone are the same, both materials are great for creating a unique look. If the surface of the stone is properly sealed, your countertop will stay elegantly shiny for a long time, even if you use it a lot.

The Flooring

The kitchen/bath floor is the design element that brings the different components of the kitchen together, so its material, its color and texture are essential for a harmonious space. Sleek and durable epoxy raisin, hardwood treated with the coating to make the wood waterproof or natural stone are the most durable options, but modern laminate flooring also comes in lots of attractive styles and is a durable, but budget-friendly option.

Improving Vacuum Longevity – Quick and Simple Operations that Can Make a Lot of Difference

vacuum cleaner parts and service

Dyson vacuum cleaners are similar to other electrical appliances in many ways – like other appliances, vacuum cleaners can properly function only if you take care of them, so regular preventive maintenance and minor repairs are the best ways for improving vacuum longevity. Here are a few tips how you can make your vacuum live longer and work better.

Taking Care of Clogs

Clogging is among the major issues that hinder performance and lead to the fault of the vacuum’s motor and of other components. Remove the hose of the appliance each time you finish vacuuming and hold it straight to be able to see through it from one end to the other – if you don’t see the light at the other end of the hose, it is probably clogged. Use a long piece of wire or a hook to remove the clog – introduce your unclogging device into the hose, then move it and wiggle it until the hose is completely clog-free.

Clean the Brushes and the Other Attachments

The brushes and the other attachments that you use can get damaged by the hair, debris and lint that they scrape off the floor while you are vacuuming. If you notice threads and hairs entangled around the brush, stop vacuuming and remove them to restore the scraping and cleaning efficiency of the brush.

Pay Attention to the Filters

Every Dyson vacuum cleaner uses filters to prevent dust, dirt and debris from penetrating into the motor compartment and to prevent damage to the other components of the appliance and some vacuums use special HEPA filters to trap dust mites, smoke particles and other tiny impurities from the air. Some of the filters are washable, while others are disposable – you can find out about the type of filters in your appliance and about how and when to clean or to dispose of them from the instruction manual. Replace or clean the filters as per the instructions, but bear in mind that you might need to repeat the operations more often if you use the appliance to frequently clean very dirty surfaces.

Don’t Stress You Appliance

Empty the dust compartment of your vacuum or replace the bag before it is completely full – bags and bins that are loaded with too much dirt, lint and dust reduce the efficiency of the appliance and force the motor to work too hard.

Regular Servicing

Vacuum cleaners use a motor, bearings, belts and other components to deliver suction. As any electrical appliance, vacuum cleaners can also live longer if they are regularly serviced. If you are an amateur repair technician, dismantle your vacuum once a year, take a look at the motor, the bearings and at the other components inside the appliance, then clean them or replace Dyson vacuum cleaner parts as necessary.

The measures above can be relied on for improving vacuum longevity and they don’t take up too much of your time – all you need is some attention and a few easy moves and you can be sure your vacuum will serve you well for years.

Trends in Diamond Manufacturing – Influences That Determine Supply and Price

Diamond making technologies are constantly changing to meet always changing buyer preferences and to make the process involved more sustainable – the trends in diamond manufacturing have always been sensitive to social trends, the financial situation characteristic of specific regions or eras as well as to overall fashion trends.diamond

Diamonds are nowadays popular not only as centerpieces for rings, such as in the items chosen for marriage proposals or weddings, but for other jewels, such as bracelets and necklaces as well and they are not offered only men to women, but are common items purchased for self-gifting or as surprises from daughters to mothers or as a present between sisters. These aspects determine diamond manufacturing trends by widening the buyer base and by diversifying the requirements – here are some factors that influence the direction of the diamond market today.

Material Supply

The diamond supply of Earth is diminishing each year and shorter supply means rising prices. The volume of diamond production started to drop in Africa and the decreased output soon started to affect the prices and shifting attention to recycled diamonds that are not less beautiful than newly mined ones, but are definitely much cheaper.


Color in a diamond indicates the presence of minerals in the stone’ s composition and other minerals in this context means impurities, that’s why colorless diamonds used to be the most appreciated varieties for centuries. This trend is changing today – colored stones today are becoming more popular and more affordable and the growing interest towards diamonds of various hues is also transforming custom jewelry Denver trends as designers need to come up with ways to accommodate colors harmoniously in the pieces they create.

Environmental Trends

Diamond mining is still an energy- and labor-intensive activity and all the important players in the sector agree that the processes used for the extraction of raw diamonds and for the manufacturing need to be transformed and made more ethical and more sustainable. The standards that industry processes need to comply with are very high nowadays and manufacturer are permanently working to further improve their protocols, making diamond production ethical and environment-friendly.

Lab-Created Diamonds

When we think of diamonds, what comes to mind first is an accumulation of carbon crystals extracted from the crust of the Earth. However, modern technology has come up with ingenious ways to do in a lab what nature does in the ground – man-made diamonds are usually grown from a natural diamond crystal with the help of technologies that replicate and to accelerate the processes that have taken place over millions of years inside Earth and to deliver spectacular diamonds in a very short time. It takes a very good jeweler nowadays to distinguish between natural stones and modern lab-created diamonds.  Man-made stones also come in an amazing wide array of colors. Even though man-made stones are not accepted by all custom jewelry experts, but they are beautiful and they are available for about 10% of the price of natural stones per carat, so buyers like them and look for them.

When to Start Music Lessons for Kids?

Whether it is music appreciation classes or lessons that actually teach your child to play an instrument, music education can start at the very early age of 3. By the third year of their life, children become able to appreciate music, to distinguish the sound of various instruments and to respond to music with emotions, being able to pick the tunes that they like and to communicate negative feelings if they don’t like a melody.

drum lessons

If you are considering enrolling your baby into a music class, here are a few more details that you should know about.

How to Start

If you want to start your child’s music education when he or she is still in toddler age, the best way is to find an early music program. These programs introduce the pleasure of listening and making music while also taking into consideration age-specific features, such as short attention span or the inability to sit still for long periods. During the lessons, the children learn about rhythm and harmony and they explore the sounds of the different instruments in a playful way, in the presence of a qualified instructor who loves children, loves music and knows how to capture the attention of young learners. In most cases, the child’s immersion into the world of music takes place in the presence of the parent – in other words, you can enjoy listening to music and exploring instruments together with your baby, so early music lessons are great opportunities to spend quality time with your child.

Learning an Instrument

The earliest age when children can start learning how to play a musical instrument is around the age of .5. The reason why most music teachers recommend parents to wait until their babies are 5 is that by this age hand-eye coordination is almost fully developed and 5 years old children are able to focus on repetitive activities as well.There a many opportunities for piano, guitar or drum lessons in Denver. Check out local music schools, or music teachers at your local schools to see who may be interested in providing these types of services to the community

The instrument that is usually recommended for young beginner learners is the piano because the keys on the instrument are larger and easier to hit, while string instruments, such as the guitar or the violin are more difficult to hold properly as well as to play with those tiny fingers. However, when choosing the right instrument for your child, it is very important to pay attention to what your child wants. We have all met adults telling stories about being forced by their parents to play an instrument, about how much they hated the music lessons, the teacher and the instrument as well and how strongly that early experience marked them.

If you don’t want your child to hate learning how to play music, let him or her pick the instrument. The personality of the music teacher is also very important, so you should choose an instructor who specializes in working with young children, who knows how to combine formal lessons with play and how to make the transition between enjoying music and playing music a process that is enjoyable and rewarding for the child.

What Makes the Best Spiral Cut Ham and Why Should You Get It?

The question of what makes the best spiral cut ham has been around ever since Harry J. Hoenselaar invented the first spiral cutting machine more than six decades ago. Since then, Hoenselaar’s patent expired, and we can now buy spiraled cut ham from a number of providers.

But why should you even bother with these hams, and what makes them special? Also, what is it about the spiral cut and the specific processing methods involved with these hams that makes them so irresistible? We will endeavor to answer these and many other questions below.

The Appeal of Spiral Cutting Your Hams

table set with festive glazed ham, asparagus, carrots, strawberry, and lemon wedgesSpiral cut hams are the best! At least that’s what most experts will tell you, and the consumers who buy them will generally tend to agree. While there’s a big difference between getting a higher calorie ham, or a somewhat smokier product from another source, or a perfectly balanced and ideally flavored ham. Spiral cutting adds convenience and unique texture that cannot be obtained through any other form of carving.

The spiral cut is typically obtained through the ingenious design of Hoenselaar’s machine. It works by gradually cutting through the ham from one end to the other while gradually rotating the ham to obtain the spiral cut. The hams are then glazed with unique ham glaze recipes using anything from brown sugar to black peppercorns, fruit and garlic. The glaze typically balances out the salty flavor of the ham by adding sweetness and unique flavor combinations designed to delight your tastebuds.

What makes the best spiral cut ham so appealing is the combination between its unique texture and the convenience of its refined cut which allows you to easily remove the meat from the bone.

Ham Processing at Its Finest

Although you won’t get many suppliers to tell you a lot about the way they prepare their hams, industry experts will tell you that the secret to the amazing flavor and refined preparation of these hams is their processing. The quality or breed of the meat has a far lesser influence, since the ham will already be highly processed by the time it’s done.

What gives them the classic pink color is their distinctive wet-curing process, which also acts to season the ham and remove all the water – ensuring a higher flavor concentration. Moreover, the ham will later be smoked, spiral cut and glazed using techniques and recipes that are unique to each supplier.

If you want the best spiral cut ham for an upcoming event or holiday, consider buying from one of the more established brands.  What makes the best spiral cut ham so special is its intricate preparation process, which is typically improved and refined over time by brands that have the most traditional distinction and whose experts have worked on refining the unique flavor of their hams for decades.

Buying Mesh Office Chairs: The Importance of Looking for the Highest Quality Chairs

Ever since some brands have developed new and improved mesh office chairs there has been a lot of talk about these types of office furniture items. Mesh chairs are light, resilient and designed to be as ergonomic as possible. However, the market has recently become flooded with cheaper chairs that don’t necessarily offer the best quality. As a result, it has become increasingly more important for business owners to evaluate the condition of the chairs they buy and consider which items they should continue with.

Important Tips on the Selection of Mesh Chairs


It’s hard to design mesh office chairs that are totally comfortable, and without padding, these products can be difficult to cope with. If you buy a mesh office chair, be sure to get one with good padding, since the alternative would be having to deal with a lower quality item that would sag and become stiff and uncomfortable over time.


A hard mesh chair can be a good alternative in the long run, as the mesh will not expand and contract over time, so the chances that it would eventually sag are minimized. However, with hard mesh chairs it can be harder to find a comfortable feel, and the chair will be a little more stiff than softer chairs to begin with. The answer is to check with your employees to see whether they would prefer softer or harder mesh chairs before making your choice, and considering the overall quality of each brand of chairs that you’re thinking of buying.

It’s also important to find a mesh chair that isn’t too abrasive or difficult to clean. Non-padded mesh chairs can be easily cleaned with a vacuum, however, if you want to clean it with paper products like napkins, then the task might become a lot more difficult. The best option here is to find padded mesh chairs that are known for their easy to clean fabrics, then exercise prevention and always try a vacuum first.


As for the idea that your mesh chair might be too harsh for the skin, this isn’t the case with higher quality products. Make sure the mesh fabric is of superior quality and keep track of whether any of your employees suffer from allergies to polypropylene, PTFE or PVC, before buying your new chairs.


Deciding on Which Mesh Chairs to Purchase


As you comb the market for the highest quality chair, a pattern will emerge showing that the softer fabrics, best padding materials and most ergonomic mesh chair designs are somewhere in the average pricing range for a typical mesh office chair.


So the idea is to look for established brands selling high quality office chairs, and look for their best rated mesh chairs, comparing prices and features until you can find the best choice for your office.


Be sure to also check online reviews and actually talk to business owners who have bought a certain line of chairs, to find out how they fare in the long run. In some cases you’ll find the most unlikely option is also the best, with cheaper, seemingly less “flashy” mesh chairs taking the lead in providing the best overall health and performance rating over the course of 5-10 years.

What to Look for in the Best Art Classes in Ridgewood

When it comes to searching for inspiring art classes in Ridgewood, you don’t have to look far to find some of the best places in town. But the real question is, what should you look for in a professional instructor, and what might you expect from the art class’ curriculum? Is it better to focus on a more formal education, also considering taking up art history, or should you just stick to the basic, practical purpose of the art classes?

A Reputable Institution or Instructor

There is ultimately no such thing as a “perfect” art class. However, if you’re looking for the most efficient art classes in Ridgewood, then you can gain a lot of perspective by searching according to each company’s reputation.

In a world where the whole world can find out what you say on social media, reputation decides a lot of things – including whether or not you should tryst any particular service. When it comes to art classes, this point is not very different, since you have to make sure the people who will instruct you actually have a good track record with past clients, and are rated as excellent teachers.

You’ll want to look for either an individual instructor or a company, which was already rated high on online specialty websites based in the local region. Reviews should reflect the instructor’s patience, as well as his/her attention, gentle and respectful conduct, better than average customer support and overall affordable rates.

By looking through online listings and the Yellow Pages, you should be able to find a few worthy candidates. Once you have a list, simply do an extensive background check on each, consider the specific approach to teaching that each instructor has, and compare the reputation of every service, based on what you can find out from online review sites.

Low Cost Pitfalls to Look Out for

Your success with art classes will generally depend on the quality of the instruction work provided, not the quantity. In other words, you can practice a long time with classes that don’t teach you much, and you’ll only end up wasting a lot of money in the end.

As a result, it’s important to avoid low cost training services that promise a lot but fail to deliver. Make sure the art class you find is accredited, and that the instructors are able to provide you with the knowledge and practical training you need in order to at least master the basics.

Such services will not be cheap, and there are usually no shortcuts that allow you to pay less for a good service. The best way to get the quality you need is by comparing art classes and inquiring about the experience and expertise of the instructor you’ll be working with.

In most cases, even though the cost won’t be the cheapest on the market, you can still find instructors that will provide you with high quality training at a reasonable or moderate pricing range. Once you find your preferred art classes in Ridgewood, all you have to do is enjoy and prepare to boost your skills to the next level.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging materials are everywhere nowadays. Used for manufacturing not only bags, pouches for food and non-food products, but suitable for creating various other forms of packaging, these resistant and easy to handle materials come with numerous benefits – here are the most important types and their advantages.

Types of Flexible Materials Used for Packaging

The term flexible packaging material is used for any packaging solution that can readily change shape when wrapped around the product to be contained – here are some of the most common types:

– Vacuum pouches – made from a mixture of polythene and nylon, these solutions efficiently block out moisture and air, so they are great for packaging food products
– Thermoforming film – this material seals the product perfectly and it is puncture-resistant, yet easy to open, features that make it the preferred solution for both food and non-food products, especially vegetables, dairy and cosmetics
– Lamination film – an excellent solution for packaging that has large prints on, such as shopping bags. Laminated film solutions are available with different oxygen transmission rates, so there is a suitable type of thermoforming film for any product
– Inner bulk liners – great for protecting the product inside against moisture, dust, pests and other contaminants coming from the outside, these liners can efficiently optimize logistics processes.

Enhanced Product Appearance and Visibility

The flexible materials used for manufacturing packaging materials offer versatility in terms of shape, size, transparency, chemical and physical features. Made from various types of plastic or from very thin gauge aluminum foil, these packaging solutions can accommodate products of any size and shape, they are available in transparent versions or in versions partially or completely covered in print. The advanced technologies available for flexible materials allows for putting on vivid prints of the highest quality, making the product inside the packaging more attractive for customers.

Enhanced Safety

Flexible materials are the preferred choice for manufacturers in the food industry because they are free from any contaminants and they keep the product inside fresh for longer.

Flexible materials are safer for the environment as well:

– They require less energy to produce, therefore the production process generates smaller quantities of greenhouse emissions
– They can be fitted with components that allow the packaging to be reused, such as spouts or zip locks, so they result in much less waste.

Easy Usage

Flexible materials are thin and light-weight, which means that they do not add considerable weight to the weight of the product like it would be the case with metal cans or packaging made from wood, therefore they are easy to store and easy to transport. Consumers also prefer this type of packaging because it is convenient, especially if the design of the packaging includes re-sealable features.


Flexible materials are used not only for packaging food products – non-food products benefit from the advantages of these great solutions just as much, making flexible solutions extendable to almost any kind of product, small and large, regularly shaped and irregularly shaped items alike. Shelf appeal, comfortable usage and enhanced safety are features that any type of product can benefit from and features that flexible materials readily offer.

The Social Dynamics of Wine and Cocktails Painting Parties – Meeting New Friends and Having a Blast

One of the most special things about wine and cocktails painting parties is that you can socialize more freely than at other events. There are several important elements that contribute to this: the wine, which has the role of relaxing you and putting you in a good mood, the paintings – always making for great conversation pieces – and, of course, the friendly and dynamic people, who are rarely the same as last time.

So if you’re in search of new friends, or you just want to unwind and have a great time in a unique setting with a few intelligent and friendly people to keep you company, a canvas and cocktails Denver area painting party is your best choice by far.


4 Essential Social Benefits of Wine and Painting Parties


Social artworking parties are the new fad that’s sweeping across the country today. With some organizers even providing you with the freedom to host your own parties, you have an unprecedented degree of flexibility when it comes to finding new ways to be creative, have fun and meet interesting new people.


The social benefits of these parties are impressive, and they can definitely convince you that hosting or attending a wine and painting party is a good idea:


  1. Here you have the chance to meet people of all ages (provided that they’re old enough to drink) and walks of life. You can engage people in your kind of conversation, and you’ll always find someone willing to share an idea or give you a more expanded insight on a thought you’ve had.
  2. The paintings can be an excellent topic of conversation. Although you and your conversation partners might not know a lot about painting methods and famous painters, you can still have a great time using your own unique skills and admiring each other’s handiwork as you engage in conversations about the landscape you are painting, or even subjects that are entirely unrelated.
  3. If you’re not used to initiating conversations, a wine and painting party can be a great opportunity to find people who will come up to you and strike up a conversation without thinking twice. Whether you’re shy or just don’t like making the first step, this can be a great chance to meet new people without having to work too hard for it.
  4. Finally, the wine, the food, the comfortable atmosphere and the painting activities themselves will help relax you so you’ll feel fully up to engaging in lively and enjoyable conversations and making new friends.


An Enjoyable Party Atmosphere for Just About Anyone


The charm of a cocktail painting party is that you can have fun and socialize regardless of whether you’re an active and very sociable person, or you’re the type who tends to just sit in a corner or paint quietly while the others talk.


So whether you’re there just to meet new people, or you’re more interested in the paintings and the wine, it won’t be difficult to have a great time. Moreover, you’ll find that, the more you go back to upcoming wine and cocktails painting parties, the more comfortable you’ll feel with the atmosphere and the overall setting associated with these events.