Trends in Diamond Manufacturing – Influences That Determine Supply and Price

Diamond making technologies are constantly changing to meet always changing buyer preferences and to make the process involved more sustainable – the trends in diamond manufacturing have always been sensitive to social trends, the financial situation characteristic of specific regions or eras as well as to overall fashion trends.diamond

Diamonds are nowadays popular not only as centerpieces for rings, such as in the items chosen for marriage proposals or weddings, but for other jewels, such as bracelets and necklaces as well and they are not offered only men to women, but are common items purchased for self-gifting or as surprises from daughters to mothers or as a present between sisters. These aspects determine diamond manufacturing trends by widening the buyer base and by diversifying the requirements – here are some factors that influence the direction of the diamond market today.

Material Supply

The diamond supply of Earth is diminishing each year and shorter supply means rising prices. The volume of diamond production started to drop in Africa and the decreased output soon started to affect the prices and shifting attention to recycled diamonds that are not less beautiful than newly mined ones, but are definitely much cheaper.


Color in a diamond indicates the presence of minerals in the stone’ s composition and other minerals in this context means impurities, that’s why colorless diamonds used to be the most appreciated varieties for centuries. This trend is changing today – colored stones today are becoming more popular and more affordable and the growing interest towards diamonds of various hues is also transforming custom jewelry Denver trends as designers need to come up with ways to accommodate colors harmoniously in the pieces they create.

Environmental Trends

Diamond mining is still an energy- and labor-intensive activity and all the important players in the sector agree that the processes used for the extraction of raw diamonds and for the manufacturing need to be transformed and made more ethical and more sustainable. The standards that industry processes need to comply with are very high nowadays and manufacturer are permanently working to further improve their protocols, making diamond production ethical and environment-friendly.

Lab-Created Diamonds

When we think of diamonds, what comes to mind first is an accumulation of carbon crystals extracted from the crust of the Earth. However, modern technology has come up with ingenious ways to do in a lab what nature does in the ground – man-made diamonds are usually grown from a natural diamond crystal with the help of technologies that replicate and to accelerate the processes that have taken place over millions of years inside Earth and to deliver spectacular diamonds in a very short time. It takes a very good jeweler nowadays to distinguish between natural stones and modern lab-created diamonds.  Man-made stones also come in an amazing wide array of colors. Even though man-made stones are not accepted by all custom jewelry experts, but they are beautiful and they are available for about 10% of the price of natural stones per carat, so buyers like them and look for them.

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