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Ways to Enjoy Your Cedar Strip Kayak

cedar strip kayak

There are important differences between a cedar strip kayak, a kayak or canoe made entirely of cedar, or a similar boat featuring a complete fiberglass body. While their similarities all tie in together with the similar design and the possible addition of fiberglass to ensure a more lightweight and durable body, you’ll find that there are many differences between a strip kayak and a regular kayak, and even more between a kayak and a canoe.

To understand what it’s all about, it’s important to note that kayaks and canoes are inherently different types of boats. If you’re not used to the idea of riding in a kayak and you’ve only recently thought about buying one, consider the fact that a kayak requires its occupant to sit in it and use a double paddle in order to facilitate the boat’s movement. On the other hand, a canoe allows for more freedom of movement and posture, while using a single paddle.

Now, it’s also important to consider that a cedar strip kayak is different from a regular kayak made from fiberglass or cedar. These solid body kayaks feature only one material, with the cedar treated with coating to prevent it from being easily damaged and the fiberglass kayak simply being fitted with a painted body made entirely of fiberglass. The cedar strip design has both. It actually comes with a central strip of cedar placed between two thin layers of fiberglass for a reinforced body that will resist almost any kind of impact. This strong design will allow you to go through areas that are challenging and even downright dangerous, without even damaging your boat. Moreover, the added stability will allow for greater maneuverability, ensuring that the kayak will be a pretty great choice whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user.

As soon as you buy your kayak, you’ll find that you can enjoy a lower center of gravity which makes it easier to reach greater speeds with greater stability. Although it might be harder to learn to paddle effectively using a double paddle and to do so while sitting, your kayak will still allow you to have a lot of fun while maneuvering down narrow creeks and rivers, or training your precision alongside twisted and winding bodies of water.

The kayak is more for sports lovers, while a canoe will allow you to enjoy a wider variety of waters, from calming rivers to high speed streams. That also means your cedar strip kayak will be much healthier, allowing you to get a good upper body workout, give both your arms good exercise in sync and ensure that you always feel refreshed after a quick morning paddle.

For those who just want to enjoy a regular day of exercise, a simple wooden kayak is fine. However, if you want to learn how to take it to the limit, then a cedar strip design is the way to go. You’ll find your cedar strip kayak will allow you to move easily through even the most challenging of waters, giving you the thrills you seek while ensuring perfect safety.