What Makes the Best Spiral Cut Ham and Why Should You Get It?

The question of what makes the best spiral cut ham has been around ever since Harry J. Hoenselaar invented the first spiral cutting machine more than six decades ago. Since then, Hoenselaar’s patent expired, and we can now buy spiraled cut ham from a number of providers.

But why should you even bother with these hams, and what makes them special? Also, what is it about the spiral cut and the specific processing methods involved with these hams that makes them so irresistible? We will endeavor to answer these and many other questions below.

The Appeal of Spiral Cutting Your Hams

table set with festive glazed ham, asparagus, carrots, strawberry, and lemon wedgesSpiral cut hams are the best! At least that’s what most experts will tell you, and the consumers who buy them will generally tend to agree. While there’s a big difference between getting a higher calorie ham, or a somewhat smokier product from another source, or a perfectly balanced and ideally flavored ham. Spiral cutting adds convenience and unique texture that cannot be obtained through any other form of carving.

The spiral cut is typically obtained through the ingenious design of Hoenselaar’s machine. It works by gradually cutting through the ham from one end to the other while gradually rotating the ham to obtain the spiral cut. The hams are then glazed with unique ham glaze recipes using anything from brown sugar to black peppercorns, fruit and garlic. The glaze typically balances out the salty flavor of the ham by adding sweetness and unique flavor combinations designed to delight your tastebuds.

What makes the best spiral cut ham so appealing is the combination between its unique texture and the convenience of its refined cut which allows you to easily remove the meat from the bone.

Ham Processing at Its Finest

Although you won’t get many suppliers to tell you a lot about the way they prepare their hams, industry experts will tell you that the secret to the amazing flavor and refined preparation of these hams is their processing. The quality or breed of the meat has a far lesser influence, since the ham will already be highly processed by the time it’s done.

What gives them the classic pink color is their distinctive wet-curing process, which also acts to season the ham and remove all the water – ensuring a higher flavor concentration. Moreover, the ham will later be smoked, spiral cut and glazed using techniques and recipes that are unique to each supplier.

If you want the best spiral cut ham for an upcoming event or holiday, consider buying from one of the more established brands.  What makes the best spiral cut ham so special is its intricate preparation process, which is typically improved and refined over time by brands that have the most traditional distinction and whose experts have worked on refining the unique flavor of their hams for decades.

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